Gabi Mayers

Gabi is a media creator and visual social activist. In her classes at Columbia she studies both the practical and philosophical aspects of film. She studied abroad at Queen Mary University of London where she created a web series, Studying Abroad While Black, which documents the experiences students of color face while traveling in spaces without many people of color.

On campus, she practices the skills she learns as the Senior Adviser the Society for the Advancement of Underrepresented Filmmakers (SAUF), a club and network that supports and mentors students who are interested in making film, television, and media. In addition to SAUF, Gabi also serves as a Resident Advisor and a Peer Advisor for the Office of Global Programs. When she's not in class, Gabi balances her in classroom educational experience as an intern in TV production and development. In the past she has worked at NBC, MTV, and FOX and continues to intern during her senior year. E-mail Gabi at: