Monique Williams

Ahlan! Hola! Wah gwan? I’m an international student from Kingston, Jamaica and a senior in Columbia College majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Psychology. Having received the Presidential Global Fellowship in my first year, I spent the summer 2014 participating in the Arabic Language program in Amman, Jordan as a first year Arabic student. During my sophomore summer 2015, I took part in the Tunis/Istanbul Democracy and Constitutional Engineering program, after which I interned in London for two months through CCE’s CEO London program. Finally, and most recently, I studied abroad for my spring semester of junior year in Barcelona, Spain through CASB program! As is evident, I have had a variety of global experience. Each country was unique, each program aimed at a different goal, and so it offered different experiences at that time of my life – the cultural and linguistic immersion into Amman, the academic and personal exposure found in Tunis and Istanbul, the independence I discovered in London and the vibrant rollercoaster that was Barcelona! In every experience my mind evolved: I was exposed to new people, cultures and perspectives. It was a challenging but holistic learning experience – and most notably, a global one. I had an amazing time through it all, and was fortunate to connect with a lot of amazing people along the way. If you are by any means interested in having a more global experience, want to step out your comfort zone, or simply have questions, a lingering curiosity, please reach out! There is a wealth of knowledge that I can’t wait to share!