Theodora Davis

Hej hej! I'm a senior in CC majoring in Neuroscience and Computer Science. I spent my junior year spring studying abroad in Copenhagen. I had never taken Danish before but absolutely loved the Danish Language and Culture course I took through my program. English is very common in Denmark, but it was still helpful and fun to see how much I could learn in the short time I was there. I spent my whole semester in a homestay, which made my experience abroad so much more incredible and immersive - some of the best food I will ever have! Since my program didn't enroll me directly in a Danish university, getting to know a Danish family taught me about the culture. Classes were totally different in Denmark, much more team based, hands-on, and practical, with many presentations and projects thrown in as well - it was great to experience and benefit from a new style of learning. My program built in special travel weeks that allowed students to explore Europe without missing class. If you're considering studying abroad, you should definitely do it! Please reach out with any questions or concerns!