Victoria Tissot

Hello! I’m a Barnard College senior majoring in East Asian studies with a concentration in Japanese history. During the spring semester of my junior year, I seized the opportunity to study abroad in Kyoto with the KCJS program, and I can now say that it was the best decision I made as a college student. Not only was I able to tremendously improve my Japanese language skills, in and outside the classroom, but I also learned so much about Japanese culture through my Japanese friends, my host family and all the acquaintances I made during my time abroad. In addition to Japanese language, I took two English taught courses on Japanese food culture and on the history of migration and minorities in Japan, and was also able to get involved in my community by teaching English to local middle school students.

After spending many afternoons visiting temples and shrines, walking around nishiki market, discovering ramen restaurants, and even learning how to wear a yukata, I grew to love Kyoto so much that I extended my stay for three months and enrolled in the KCJS summer program. I am very thankful for the lifelong Japanese and American friends I made during my time abroad, my loving host family, and the incredible KCJS staff that worked so hard to make sure we all had the best study abroad experience. I highly recommend studying abroad in Kyoto, so If you have any questions about KCJS or any general questions about life in Japan, please feel free to contact me.