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Below please find links to the BCGS Newsletter which is produced every semester. In each newsletter, you will get an insider's view on what is happening in Berlin including the activities in which students participate, places they are visiting, how they are dealing with life in Berlin as well as updates about the program including course offerings, staff changes, and new developments. In each newsletter is also an update on a BCGS alumni and what they are currently doing.

If you are interested in being added to the BCGS Newsletter mailing list, please send an email to and provide the following information: First and last name, email address, affiliation to the program (prospective student, current student, program alum/year, advisor, parent, etc.)

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             Gaststudierende in Berlin: Familie Schwabes Amerikaner
Erfolgserlebnisse erkaempfen: Wer als Austauschstudent einter amerikanischen Elite-Hochschule nach Deutschland kommt, lernt ein Leben in Selbstaendigkeit.
Die Freie Universitaet vermittelt jedes Jahr Gastfamilein fuer amerikanische Studierende
Eintauchen in die Berliner Lebensart: Der Kontakt mit Austauschstudenten aus den USA ist auch fuer die Gastgeber eine Bereicherung
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