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Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies
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Academic Calendar

Calendar is tentative and subject to change.


Academic Year 2014-2015

Fall 2014  
Students arrive September 2    
Mandatory orientation September 3
Orientation ends/move in to housing September 5
Classes begin September 8
National Holiday (no classes) September 15
National Holiday (no classes) September 23
KCJS Fall trip to Okayama October 3-5
National Holiday (no classes) October 13
Fall break begins November 1
Classes resume November 10
Substitute National Holiday November 24
Last day of classes December 12
Language final exam, fall semester closing ceremony December 15
Elective course final exams December 16 - 18
Fall semester closing ceremony December 18
Intercession break begins December 19
Last day to move out of housing December 22
* Optional Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) TBD (December)
Spring 2015  
Student arrival and check in January 6
Mandatory orientation for new students January 7
Orientation ends/move into housing January 9
Academic Year students move back to families/apartments January 10
National Holiday (no classes) January 12
Classes begin January 13
KCJS Spring trip February 6-8
National Holiday (no classes) February 11
Spring break begins February 28
Classes resume March 9
National Holiday (no classes) March 21
Last day of classes April 17
Language final exam April 20
Elective course final exams April 21-23
Final ceremony April 24
Last day to move out of housing April 27
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