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Health Insurance

You must not study abroad without Health Insurance. You are eligible to use your Columbia Insurance while abroad, or you may waive out of Columbia insurance if your family plan meets the criteria set by Health Services. 

Please remember:

  • When you waive out of Columbia insurance, you waive out for the entire year, not just a single semester. If you are going abroad for only one semester, please keep this in mind.
  • All students are automatically enrolled in Columbia insurance for a fall abroad, and you fall decision carries over for a spring abroad
  • Verify that your health insurance will cover you
    throughout the duration of your stay, and how
    coverage will work abroad.
  • Inform yourself of health and safety issues in the
    country abroad and discuss them with your family.
  • If you regularly take medication, find out if you can bring an entire semester or year of the prescription with you or if it is readily available in country. Make sure to know the generic name for the drug. Many countries have restrictions on how much of a particular drug can be brought into the country at a time.
  • Consider purchasing additional insurance for
    personal liability, property loss, trip cancellation, etc.

For questions about Columbia Health Insurance please click here.

In additional, all students will be covered by International SOS Insurance for emergency services. Please click here to learn more about ISOS.

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