Carleton - Antioch: Buddhist Studies in India

Language of Instruction: English, Hindi, Tibetan
Bodh Gaya,
Term: Fall

Study and meditate while living in a monastery in India

The next application deadline is Mar 1, 2019
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The Carleton - Antioch Buddhist Studies in Bodh Gaya program is a unique, comparative studies program looking at both the theory and practice of Buddhism. The program is offered only during the fall semester. You live in a Buddhist monastery and eat vegetarian meals only. The program offers an interesting combination of western academics and Buddhist philosophies. You also participate in meditation and a final research project.

Academic Program

Based in Bodh Gaya, the academic emphasis is placed on a comparative approach to both theory and practice. You reach your own understanding of the essence that is common to all varieties of Buddhism, while learning to appreciate the many cultural and historical environments in which it has flourished. The academic program consists of four components:

  • Core Courses which focus on Buddhism Philosophy, History and Culture
  • Language (Hindi or Tibetan)
  • A required course on meditation practice
  • Independent Study

Program Features

Lodging and vegetarian meals will be provided to you at the guest house within the compound of the monastery. Living within a Buddhist monastery, requires you to adhere to several Buddhist precepts.


Review eligibility to ensure that you meet all Columbia requirements to study abroad.

Review the external program webpage to understand any additional program prerequisites.

Application Instructions

To apply, you must complete the two steps below. Deadlines vary and some applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Therefore, you should complete the steps below simultaneously:

  • To apply for Columbia clearance (approval) to study abroad, click on "Start Your Application" on this webpage. Clearance applications are approved by the OGP on a rolling basis until the application deadline listed on this webpage.
  • To apply for program admission, complete an external application directly on the program webpage. Note that this deadline may be in advance of the Columbia clearance deadline.

Fact Sheet

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Language of Instruction:
Bodh Gaya,
Asia and the Pacific

Dates & Deadlines

Application Deadline: 
Friday, March 1, 2019