Parent Information

We realize that as your student's departure nears, you may have questions about the study abroad experience. We would like to assure you that the safety of your student is our first priority. The Office of Global Programs and Fellowships works directly with Columbia Global Travel to provide resources and support to students before, during and after an experience.

If there is a situation abroad that involves your student, we will work with you and the program to provide support. It is advisable to make sure that your own passports are valid throughout the duration of the study abroad time frame.

We also encourage students to think about how their studies abroad connect with their academic program. By the time they leave study abroad, they will have discussed issues related to: cross-cultural awareness, transfer credit, course selection and general tips on how to be successful while studying abroad.

Also, the Office of Global Programs and Fellowships staff communicate with in-country study abroad students to make them aware of any necessary updates.

We are committed to providing study abroad students with the resources they need before, during and after their time overseas, and we will try to ensure that your child has a rewarding and enriching experience abroad.

For additional information, please do not hesitate to review additional Steps to Study Abroad, if you're a Columbia parent, or specific information for Barnard or non-Columbia students found on the Office of Global Programs and Fellowships website.